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Paolo was born and raised in Sicily where he moved his first steps in arts through theatre. He studied Performing Arts in Rome and his BA in DAMS. In 2010 he moved to Australia pushed by the desire to explore other directions in his creative path through acting, curatorship, fashion design and graphic design. 

In Melbourne he founded FU - the fusion people project creating cross-cultural projects that lead him to Sicilia Fusion Japan project in collaboration with the Itaian Institute of Culture in Osaka, Japan. He returned to Europe for a Master in Curatorship in Turin and to study Graphic Design in Berlin. He collaborates as independent curator at Paratissima ArtFair in Turin where he won the Nice Price for best Curatorial project in 2019 for Human Touch - exhibition. He recently curated Rebirthing exhibition at Paratissima and Isolation (residency and exhibition) in Sicily and Salina island.‚Äč

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I aim to create a sort of theatre piece in every exhibition that I work on.

  Artworks needs to speaks like actors on a stage and give an “Eureka!”

    moment to the visitors.

       Sometimes you deal with pieces born in different environments: culturally,

          religiously or politically very different. My role is to put them in dialogue

              and when they start creating a conversation you feel the power of art.




Art is a ritual, a sacred act.